I’m Annette Washington-Goff, executive director of IYBS Local.  I have been a small Business Owner for more than 20 years.  I consider myself an advocate for small business owners and my main goal has always been to help business owners stay in business.

The online marketing landscape is scary for many of our clients.  They either don’t know how to navigate the World Wide Web for marketing their business or they don’t care to learn.. which is ok, after all, they do wear many hats..  do we really need to add another?

The truth is, the Internet has made it possible for SMB to be on the same level as the big corporations when it comes to marketing a business online.  In fact, I’d go as far as to say that we actually have a real leg up, because our business comes from right here at home.  We’re real people in our customers eyes, not some big wig who is only accessible after going through layers of ladder climbers..

At IYBS Local, our mission is to teach SMB owners how to take advantage of the many opportunities available online to successfully market their business on a local level.