Some businesses spend a lot of money on advertising to get new customers.

And cold advertising for new prospects can be a hit-or-miss at best.

However, the most important thing is what you do after getting your first customers. And even if you are a company that has been in business for a long time,

you can dramatically improve, or even change some of your promotion strategies by taking advantage of word-of-mouth marketing online. has changed the way they do marketing. Instead of putting a lot of money in creating ads,

and spending a lot of money on conventional advertising like many other businesses do,

they decided to spend that money on creating a great customer experience and then giving

that customer a way to tell everyone how good their experience was.

The result has been nothing short of fantastic.

According to a survey done by Nielsen, 92% of consumers believe in the things they hear from friends or family,

and the reviews they read about a business on review sites. Some prospects will even go to these

review sites to look at what is being said about a company before they will buy.

When you get review sites working for you, and you start taking control of these sites,

word-of-mouth marketing starts working for you.

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