Why do you need digital marketing? Here are 5 reasons…

1. It’s mobile. 

90% of adults in the USA have their mobile device within arm’s reach. Wouldn’t it be great to influence their purchasing decisions 24/7?

You cannot do that with newspaper ads, magazines or classified listings.

2. It levels the playing field.

You don’t need a large retail store or a call center or expensive full-page ads in high-end magazines.

You have the means with Digital Marketing to make the world your audience.

3. It’s cheaper than traditional marketing.

Let’s face it, spending money is a lot more serious when it’s your own money. Switching your spending from traditional marketing techniques to digital will save you a considerable amount of valuable revenue.

4. Serious buyers mean a higher profit level.

Digital marketing will increase your sales by increasing the probability that the customer will buy from you. How? It ensures a targeted buyer. What does this mean? In the case of using AdWords PPC, it allows you to target customers who click your ads are ready to buy! Google states a 2.8 times higher revenue growth for companies that use digital marketing techniques and Google hasn’t done too bad, have they?

5. Track potential customers.

Using digital marketing gives you the advantage of knowing your potential client’s shopping and buying behavior. You will know when they are looking to buy, even the best days and times to advertise your product.

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